Azalea – carving by Lee

Azalea - carving by Lee

In our October newsletter, Lee has provided an excellent article on the principles of good carving and how to get started. Follow the amazing transformation of her subject, an azalea, where one side of the trunk and branches had died and badly needed to be naturalized. An ability to carve realistically …

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Bonsai expert, Brenda Parker, talks on how to grow and care for azalea bonsai

  The June SCBC newsletter features azalea bonsai expert, Brenda Parker. The word ‘rhododendron’, loosely translated means ‘rose tree. Azaleas, rhododendrons and vireyas (tropical types) are all classed and known under the one family name – rhododendrons, and botanically there is no difference between them.  They originated in China, the …

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