Melaleuca Bonsai

Australian Native Bonsai

Selected pictures of Australian Natives

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    1. Hi Kristoff,

      You can pick up native bonsai stock from:
      – Ray Nesci Bonsai Nursery, 26 Sagars Rd, Dural
      – Bonsai World, 51 Watagan Forest Drive, Jilliby

      Alternatively you can pick up good nursery natives from Plants Plus, Cumberland Forest, 95 Castle HIll Rd, Pennant Hills.

      Hope this helps,

    1. Bruce,

      Yes, a ghost gum ‘corymbia aparrerinja’ can be made into a bonsai. That said, Eucalyptus pose some unique styling challenges. I don’t have a lot of experience with ghost gums but have worked with other eucalypts that may be similar.

      I expect they will likely be highly apical dominant, meaning that they tend to grow tall with lots of space between internodes `or branching`. This means you will likely have most success if you try for a taller sparser style that seems to be popular with Australian natives. This is in comparison with the tighter more denser traditional (i.e. Japanese) style.

      I would suggest you consider checking out the Victorian Native Bonsai Club. They have a lot of experience bonsai-ing different native species. They can be found at They have extremely inexpensive membership for interstate members. I would consider joining as their site, newsletter and video’s of their meetings/demo’s are highly informative. Details and more information are available on their net site.

      Good luck and thanks for the query.


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