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25 Comments Add yours
  1. Two things … I need some professional care for my bonsai … also interested in any introductory courses you might have

  2. Hello Sue

    I have had a bonsai doing well for a bout 5 years. It is now quite unhappy and needs professional attention.

    I am in the inner west. Look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Hi Chris,

      Sorry for the slow response and yes the club is still very much active. Feel free to give Bryan a call on his details above, or come along to any of the club meetings which happen on the second Tuesday of each month.

      Hope to see you there,

  3. Hi,

    I need someone to help me trim my juniper bonsai plants back to their former glory. It is now overgown.

    I lived in Rosebery.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      We can certainly help you with that. The best way to learn is to bring your trees along to a club meeting and we can help you restyle them.

      Feel free to give Bryan a call if you have further questions, otherwise we hope to see you at a club meeting soon.


  4. Hi Roz and Brian

    As we are not having meetings I have not paid my membership for some time.

    If I can have the bank account details I’ll transfer my fees – keep Chris happy

    Fond regards and stay well

    Warwick Doughty

  5. Hello Sydney City Bonsai.
    Through you I was introduced to Sue Brennan some four/five years ago. She very kindly helped me restore and revive a large selection of trees that I had taken responsibility for when my Dad passed away. During our time together we repotted all of Dad’s bonsai and used a recipe provided by Sue. It included very fine gravel; coir peat and chicken manure pellets. Unfortunately, despite tearing the house apart I cannot find where I wrote it down, so have no knowledge of the quantities! I’d be grateful if you could help me out. I’ve done some Googling but nothing comes up that seems like Sue’s recipe!
    Regards, Roberta Hardy

    1. Roberta,

      The mix is 6 parts fine gravel : 2 parts coir peat : 1 part chichen manure pellets – all amounts by level volume. The fine gravel is getting hard to find – it needs to be (say) 2-5mm and preferably sharp edged. Decorative gravel is no good if its “rounded”. It used to be called screenings (by-product from gravel crushing plants). The stuff now available from Bunnings and landscape suppliers is too large (7mm). You may find someone with the old type – tell me if you do. A good alternative is 2-4mm pumice from Ausperl (Revesby way) but its comparatively expensive (approx $25/bag c.f. approx $7/bag gravel). If you get stuck Ray Nesci (Dural) and Bonsai South (Engadine way) have their commercial mixes and if you get really, really desperate FlowerPower and Bunnings have their mixes

  6. Good evening – I live on the NSW Southern Highlands and I am trying to purchase a Chinzan satsuki azalea to bonsai. Are you able to advise where I might obtain one, either as a pot plant or as a bonsai underway. Thank you very much. Susan Stannard.

  7. My company is looking to have a bonsai workshop at our office in Haymarket. Is this something you can help with? If so what is the cost and duration of the workshop?

    1. Hi Lorena,

      Let me raise this with the club committee. We’ve done plenty of workshops in the past so are usually more than happy to help.

      I’ll reply here shortly,

  8. Hello there,
    I am a stylist working on a television commercial and am looking for 2 bonsais and someone who could prune them to take shape of dollar signs, please?

    Might be impossible or dependent on the type of bonsai but am willing to get the right bonsai for the right enthusiast who could do it and pay for their time.


    1. Hi Iwona,

      Sorry for the slow response.

      Supplying two bonsai for a commercial is certainly possible.

      Pruning them to be in the shape of dollar signs would be extremely difficult though. You could find someone who would work with you to buy several stock trees and train them for that purpose. But this would take years and it would be far from certain that you’d get a result suitable for a commercial. They are living, growing trees after all.

      I’d advise against attempting this with real trees. You’d be better off trying to create one out of artificial materials.

      I hope this helps,

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