Sydney City Bonsai Club Meetings

Club Meetings

We meet from 7.00pm – 9.00pm on the second Tuesday of each month February to December at the Green Square Community Hall, 3 Joynton Avenue Zetland NSW 2017.

Download location map for instructions on how to find us.

The meetings are running as Workshops with a short talk before the workshop starts. Members to bring own tree(s), tools and accessories needed.

Committee Meetings

This meeting is for committee members only. We meet from 7.30pm – 9.00pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month February to November. For more information about committee meetings, please call Sue on 0411 718 151.


  1. Hi, earlier this year I started to Bonsai for the first time concentrating on Australian natives, however I picked up a Scarlet Oak that is currently in its winter dormancy from a nursery that is in a large canvas pot. I wonder if you could advise the best time on repotting and pruning also how they fair generally as a Bonsai?



    • Hi Brian. For the Scarlet Oak – just wait until you get a little bud swell to indicate that the plant is coming out of dormancy for your re-pot. Teh repot must be before the leaves emerge. Some people repot now i.e. late winter.
      Scarlet Oak’s are a very pretty tree and wonderful colour in Autumn. However because the leaves a a little difficult to reduce in size it suits being a larger bonsai.



      • Hi Roz , thank you for the advice it was going cheap in a nursery as a reject so thought why not. It has two stems from one base with a number of small lateral branches. I’m currently looking for a pot it is approx 45cm tall so will be a large bonsai I guess. Anyway for $15 it’s a bit of fun and an experiment but will repot soon. What about pruning when is that best to be done?

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