Sydney City Bonsai Club Meetings

Club Meetings

We meet from 7.00pm – 9.00pm on the second Tuesday of each month February to December at the Green Square Community Hall, 3 Joynton Avenue Zetland NSW 2017.

Download location map for instructions on how to find us.

The meetings are running as Workshops with a short talk before the workshop starts. Members to bring own tree(s), tools and accessories needed.

Committee Meetings

This meeting is for committee members only. We meet from 7.30pm – 9.00pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month February to November. For more information about committee meetings, please call Sue on 0411 718 151.


  1. Hi there ,
    Is this club still active? Will you be meeting next on Tuesday 20th Feb at 7pm?
    How much is it to become a member please? I have 3 rather sad looking bonsais that are in need of some TLC (pruning & shaping)!

    I just tried to phone Sue on the mobile # above, but got a recorded message saying this number is not available at the present time.
    My hm # is 02-95556282

    Thanks for your reply!

    • Hi Prue,

      Apologies for the terribly late reply. I’m not sure if you were contacted but hopefully it’s not too late for us to help out.

      I’m new to the club but it’s definitely still active. Membership is only $40 / year. Feel free to come along and bring your trees. As someone new to bonsai myself, I’ve found the club invaluable for getting excellent advice. The details on the page are up to date:

      Otherwise, feel free to reply here and I’ll give you a call.


  2. Hi, earlier this year I started to Bonsai for the first time concentrating on Australian natives, however I picked up a Scarlet Oak that is currently in its winter dormancy from a nursery that is in a large canvas pot. I wonder if you could advise the best time on repotting and pruning also how they fair generally as a Bonsai?



    • Hi Brian. For the Scarlet Oak – just wait until you get a little bud swell to indicate that the plant is coming out of dormancy for your re-pot. Teh repot must be before the leaves emerge. Some people repot now i.e. late winter.
      Scarlet Oak’s are a very pretty tree and wonderful colour in Autumn. However because the leaves a a little difficult to reduce in size it suits being a larger bonsai.



      • Hi Roz , thank you for the advice it was going cheap in a nursery as a reject so thought why not. It has two stems from one base with a number of small lateral branches. I’m currently looking for a pot it is approx 45cm tall so will be a large bonsai I guess. Anyway for $15 it’s a bit of fun and an experiment but will repot soon. What about pruning when is that best to be done?

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